Mobile First Concept

Design Mobile Apps Based on Business Strategy

Every mobile application is made a success through its functionality, code and calculations, regardless of how it looks and works. After all, today when we talk about mobile applications there is an immense need for an exceptional UI and UX as much as a perfect back end code. In fact, UI/UX and visuals are the reason why some mobile applications become an instant hit in the market and some are never downloaded in the first place. There are several phases that each designer has to go through while designing a mobile application

  • ­Design mobile app that directly connects your audience.
  • ­Beautiful and modern design that makes difference.
  • ­Boost your sales with strategically designed marketing materials.

IOS –  Our experts have expertise in integrating Apple Pay, Apple’s Touch-ID and other IOS features for creating an excellent app and its GUI before the development phase.


Android – Our experts in Android Software Development Android, Media APIs, Android Media APIs and other technologies for creating world-class, innovative Android App its GUI before the development phase

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    Our App Design Process

    Mobile app development Our comprehensive App design strategy ensures a perfectly crafted logo for your business.


    The first step to a mobile app UI design process,  problem definition is a statement to address what issue is being solved by the app you’re making. To do market research is the very first step in this phase where you explore in the form of a competitor analysis. It consists of studying what the competitors are doing and how well their market strategies are working out. . It will also let you in on the details of what the negative and positive points of their applications.

    However, every designer has their own approach of designing. Designers should probe deeper—explore, first step in the application design process is to understand what the brand embodies and what the business’s goals are.



    The next step is to make Information Architecture map where key features are to be incorporated into the mobile application. This map can be in the form of a flowchart, hierarchical design or a Scamper diagram. The aim is to successfully inter-relate every feature that is being listed down.

    According to that the list the sketch is created to provide the main elements are taken into consideration and outlook for an application. It is the process of deciding which interface element will appear on the main page, based on the priority and interactivity of the design. While many people use Sketch, Omnigraffle or Photoshop to build wire frames or GUI’s.

      mobile app sketches


    The approved sketch is digitized effectively by our technical experts. This is a critical process and needs vigilant handling as your mobile application appearance depends on it. The Customization of application are tried to create uniquely as it distinguishes your business in the market or from your competitors. The visual language development is a very important step. Branding refers to the feel and theme of the entire application which resonates in harmony with the brand logo and image in the market.

    However, this makes the first step towards concrete designing of the UI of the mobile application. But the UI is also highly affected by the current trends of the time.

      mobile design digitization


    Role of color is often misinterpreted not only by the clients, but also by the designers owing to the prolific availability of vibrant color schemes on the Internet. To make an application aesthetically pleasing to the customers, we are counseled to choose right colors that are closely related to your brand, product, or services.

      mobile design color

    Final App

    After these intense processes of modifications and amendments, the final Mobile App design is finalized and presented to the customers. Now is a great time to get feedback from colleagues and other designers, and possibly even from your client. At last the App Design is created!

      mobile design final