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QMIS Finance Online Trading is an international online platform (web and mobile app) with access to worldwide stock exchanges at the subscribers’ fingertips with attractive brokerage charges and localized features to investors in ASEAN countries. QMIS Finance Online Trading management team collectively have more than 30 years experiences in technology, finance and business service sectors.

Mirtalk Orange

Mir Talk  Orange makes it possible for the interpreter to be virtually present in the situation, thereby reducing the costs of interpretation based on physical presence and the challenges of phone interpretation. Mir Talk is a global interpretation service ecosystem that connects you to tens of languages spoken around the world. When you need translation

Mirtalk BLU

Mirtalk BLU
With MirTalk's high-quality video connection you can see and hear the interpreter as if he were standing next to you. MirTalks VRI is an excellent solution for many branches of society: business, health services, educational services and institutions, social services and tourism. Mirtalk is committed to protecting the personal information of our clients and won’t

Smart Campuses

Education Management System is to simplify the life of institution administrators and teachers so that they can focus on the most important thing for educating our children. We are bridging the digital devices in education by offering Smart Campuses Licenses and selling premium products and services at affordable pricing. Smart Campus is an all-in-one complete